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Activities and sports on Lake Garda!

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Activities and sports on Lake Garda!

We are fortunate to find ourselves in a gold mine with regard to landscape and sports.
In fact, you will notice a continuous go-ahead for people on bicycles, racing, in water, in the mountains. The Trentino re-activates the sportsman who is in us. In addition to countless sports, there are plenty of spectacular trails, and breathtaking mountain peaks to reach. You can easily move by lake with boats to reach other towns overlooking the most south lake. And in less than an hour's travel you can comfortably get to Verona and walk in the city's historic alleys.


Welcome in the windsurfing Mecca ! Torbole is in fact the place where the windsurfing culture exploded in the late 80’s.Get involved and try the excitement of gliding on the water. Casa Nataly is a couple of minutes away from many of the main Windsurfing schools. You will learn from the best teachers. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more infos.

Bike Tours

If you’re bike freaks, then you’re in the right spot. Northern Lake Garda is in fact really famous for it’s mountain bike and downhill trails. Don’t hesitate to ask us, we will provide you all the information you need. There are many rental shops and shuttle-busses services around.

Climbing & Canyoning

The best climber in the world like Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra have written a part of the history of climbing on our mountains. It’s impressive the amount of walls to be climbed around our territory. Some of them have also beautiful lake views. Besides that, many are the hidden canyons as well, where it’s possible to spend a one of a kind adventure by exploring them.

Museum & Galleries

There are alternative ways to spend a day here, in short time it’s possible to drive to Trento to visit the MUSE, museum of natural science. Or definitely recommended is a day trip to Verona, walk through the roads full of history, and visit museums and galleries.


In Torbole you will find many sportswear shops for windsurfing, mountain biking and more. You can enjoy a 10% discount in the SHAKA SURF SHOP stores where you will find the best brands of clothing and equipment and accessories for windsurfing and RIP CURL STORE the flagship store of the Australian company RIPCURL where the entire collection of clothing and wetsuits is present.

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